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National Leaders of Governance (NLGs)

National Leaders of Governance are experienced chairs of governors who are interested in supporting chairs of governors in other schools.

  • Jenny Barnard-Langston JP MA, BA

    Jenny has been involved in education policy development and governance since the late 1980s.  She is currently Chair of Governors at Benfield & Hangleton Federation of Schools. 

    Jenny believes that effective governance, leadership and quality partnerships will offer optimum life-chances for children.

    Experience of School to School support

    • Jenny has a broad range of experience as Chair of Governors across all school phases.
    • She was designated in March 2013 by the National College for Teaching & Learning as a National Leader of Governance and in November 2013 a National Leader of Governance Advocate (NLGA).
    • She was appointed Regional NLGA 2017.
    • Jenny delivers FGB training and External Reviews of Governance direct to schools and colleges and on behalf of Academy Trusts and Local Authorities.


    Jenny has worked with over 30 schools to provide guidance and reviews of governance.  Four of the schools where she has worked in depth have moved from RI to good and one has become outstanding.

    Areas of expertise

    Jenny offers a range of expertise and experience to support governors build capacity and mentor/coach chairs of governors across all school phases.

    Jenny is a lively,engaging, motivational speaker, presenter and conference facilitator.

  • Shelley Baker

    Shelley is Chair of Governors at Brackenbury Primary School

    Experience of School to School Support

    Shelley has experience of:   

    • Supporting new Chairs and coaching them through their first year;
    • Training governing bodies on preparing for Ofsted inspections;
    • Supporting governing bodies through partnership working;
    • Mentoring and coaching new clerks;
    • Supporting new Headteachers in understanding governance.


    Shelley has supported schools in RI moving towards Good. Enabled new Chairs to become more confident in their role and ensured Governing bodies work more strategically.

    Areas of expertise

    Shelley is a Level 4 ILM Coach and has worked with Chairs/Headteachers new to the role.

    She has supported governing bodies in becoming more strategic through their School Development Plans.

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