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Educational Consultants

Sussex Coast TSA is working with a range of educational experts that are able to provide training and individual support to schools.

  • Clive Bolton

    Clive is a Governor for Benfield & Hangleton Federation and an Associate Trainer for Brighton & Hove City Council.  He has experience of providing:

    • Support for governors and SLTs on understanding data, particularly RAISEonline. 
    • Support for governors on OFSTED preparation. 
    • Support for Schools identified as at risk.  

    He has delivered sessions to individual schools with analysis of their own data to indicate strengths and areas for governors to ask challenging questions. He has produced reports on analysis of the data.

    Feedback indicates the sessions are well received and governors and SLT have a greater understanding of using data for raising pupil attainment and progress in their school. Schools he has worked with have subsequently had successful OFSTED inspections. 

    Areas of expertise:

    • Analysis of School Performance, ASP, formerly RAISEonline 
    • Explaining Statistical concepts such as Confidence Intervals and Statistical Significance in simple terms. 
    • Honing in on the key areas of large quantities of data. 
    • Challenging Ofsted lines of enquiry. 
  • Simon Chandler

    Simon is an Education Consultant with experience of working with schools to develop their capacity to support one another in bringing about significant improvements in their practice.  Activities include:

    School reviews: In close collaboration with the school he has provided a review of school leadership, management and teaching, highlighting both effective practice and next steps.

    Headteacher Performance Management:  He guides governors through the performance management process, providing appropriate support so that they are confident in holding the Headteacher to account. 

    Pupil Premium Reviews: An evidence based review of the school’s effective use of its Pupil Premium Grant to diminish the difference in attainment and progress between disadvantage pupils and other pupils. 

    Support for Governors:  He currently delivers workshops for governors on behalf of a local authority with a focus on ‘disadvantaged pupils’.  He has led several Governing Boards through the recruitment process and provided bespoke training for governors to help them support and challenge school leaders.  He has also supported them to: carry out their monitoring role effectively; help develop their committee structures and to be increasingly effective in this strategic role.

    Development of middle and senior leaders:  He works with middle and senior leaders to develop their leadership skills and ability to monitor the quality of povision.  He provides training in carrying out lesson observations, formal and informal learning walks, work scrutiny and pupil discussions in order to triangulate judgements made.  

  • Janis Taylor

    Janis is an independent Educational Consultant.  She has 40 years experience in primary education as a teacher, deputy, headteacher and advisor.  She is passionate about every child's right to access a high quality and stimulating education in order to ensure thy get the best possible life chances.

    Experience of School to School Support

    Janis has experience of leading schools in a range of circumstances including good schools, schools requiring improvement and schools in special measures. The focus has always been on developing strong teams and building leadership capacity. 

    Janis has also:

    • Undertaken in-depth leadership reviews;
    • Supported schools in preparing for Ofsted;
    • Led INSET training (subject & phase leadership, curriculum & planning, self-evaluation and school improvement planning);
    • Acted as a School Partnership Advisor;
    • Carried out HT performance management;
    • Undertaken coaching.


    Janis continues to view herself as a learner with every school she visits.  She aims to support others to reflect, build capacity and improve practice.  She is committed to sharing practices & policies and aims to have a positive, measurable an lasting impact.


    • School self review & improvement planning;
    • Curriculum Development & Planning;
    • Leadership training, inparticular subject leadership & aspiring Heads/Deputies;
    • Monitoring the quality of T&L;
    • Preparing for Ofsted;
    • Coaching/mentoring.

    Janis enjoys working with schools in challenging circumstances, in particular in supporting them to recognise and realise their potential.

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