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School to School Support (SStS)

As a School Alliance, we have a range of trained leaders who have expertise in working across schools to secure school improvement.

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)

SLEs are outstanding classroom practitioners with excellent subject knowledge. SLEs can work alongside NLEs in school support but often work independently in schools or delivering training.

Sussex Coast SA has a range of SLEs in various key stages and subject areas.  Please see our website for further details.

Local Leaders of Education (LLE)

LLEs are experienced Headteachers with a track record of strong leadership and experience of collaborative working. They often work with NLEs in their school improvement work providing targeted supported. They also contribute to or lead training and development programmes.

National Leaders of Education (NLE)

NLEs are accredited by the DfE and are Headteachers with an outstanding record of school improvement.  NLEs are mostly deployed by the DfE or Teaching School Council in school to school support. However, NLEs can also be commissioned directly by schools or Local Authorities.

National Leaders of Governance (NLG)

NLGs are Governors who are accredited by the DfE. They have extensive knowledge of governance and have expertise in working across many schools, some in very challenging circumstances. They are often used for reviews of governing bodies.

Many of our systems leaders are fully trained in peer review through the School Partnership Programme.

How could I use a systems leader and why?

The benefits of a systems leader is that all of them are current practitioners either at Headship or senior leader level. They all have up to date knowledge and expertise in their field and have a sound track record of working on school improvement. They are doing the job!

Systems Leaders can be used for a variety of processes for improvement. For example: a deep dive in a chosen area; support with staff structure; leadership; subject development or staff training. All work undertaken is written up with an action report or plan. Further developments or follow-on work can be taken as required.

Please see our website for pen portraits of our systems leaders and for any commissioning or enquiries please contact: 


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