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Strategic School Improvment Fund (SSIF)

KS2 Mathematics bid

We have been successful in obtaining funding through SSIF to lead a project on improving outcomes for children in Mathematics in Key Stage 2.  Some of our Systems Leaders (SLEs/NLEs) in partnership with the University of Brighton have led this project across our city for 16 schools.

This project has focussed on the development of Maths Mastery and leadership.  Engagement has been very high and we can see the impact in schools through the development of the leadership of maths, enhanced subject knowledge and  most importantly improved outcomes for children.

It has been a great example of collaborative working for all of us, carefully monitoring and adjusting as we go along.  We have now been successful in commissioning some further funding for our city to enable this project to continue and fully embed in schools.

For further support on maths mastery contact the Sussex Maths Hub.

School evaluations

SSIF bid evaluation

Maths Project Feedback

"Just wanted to say thanks for the maths project. We have got it best ever maths results - 40% higher at KS2 than two years ago and with a positive progress score from -6.7 to +0.2. We have also gone up 10% at KS1 in a year. 
I have no doubt that the maths project, and how it has developed our maths lead, has been instrumental in this.
What a success - thank you!"

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