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Maths is a core subject. This means it is one of the subjects which  the government put most emphasis. The  other core subjects are  English (reading , writing  & speaking and listening) and science. Maths is one of the subjects in which we test children and have to report to the DfE. Maths is certainly important to the school and to the government. However, maths is actually important because it teaches children to think, it helps them to solve problems and it explains the world.

At Goldstone we don’t want children to be able to just do maths . We want them to understand maths by understanding the nature of numbers and to fully grasp what each area means. We want them to see maths as a practical subject as well as an academic pursuit. We want them to enjoy problem solving, we want them to see failure as a step towards success and to see struggle as an investment in achievement. If children understand maths and are comfortable with the idea of ‘I can’t do it...yet.’ they can keep moving forward and achieve. Children who don’t ‘get’ something should always keep trying so that the knowledge can be used to build further knowledge.


Maths Stars

Maths Stars is the way in which we teach times tables to children through KS1 and KS2. 

Download our Powerpoint Presentation, narrated by Chris Pearson, explaining Maths Stars and how we teach the times tables here. 

After watching the presentation, please find below some printable PDFs that your child can use at home to practice their multiplication and division.

Useful Links and Downloads

Download our 'Progression in Calculation' document  to see the way we progress toward teaching the children to do and understand the standard methods of calculation).

Download our ‘How to help your children with Maths at Goldstone' booklet.


Follow these links to get to some strategy games: 


Three Mens Morris


Fox And Hounds


Nine Mens Morris



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