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Eco News!

The ECO Comittee get a visit from the World Wildlife Foundation!

This week of 20th-26th September is Green Week, which is all about raising awareness around green issues and particularly the COP26 (The UN conference for world leaders about climate change). Goldstone eco committee were very excited to have WWF visit them and run a workshop about climate change. They learnt all about how children can be empowered to make a change and have influence on those making big decisions.

They each made a leaf saying a promise they have made in order to affect climate change and something they want a world leader to do. Excitingly, our leaves will be put on a WWF tree at COP26 where they may be read by the likes of Boris Johnson or Joe Biden! Our eco committee were really inspired so watch this space for campaigns and ideas! 

In June this year Goldstone Primary School was thrilled to pass their Eco Schools assessment and be awarded the green flag for a second time. This means that we are officially a green flag school until summer 2023 when we will be assessed again.

Many congratulations to the eco committee for all of their hard work that has won them this recognition!

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