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We are proud to be an ECO GREEN FLAG school!


G reat to save water

R ecycling for ever

E nergy needs to be saved

E very one can mace a difference

N ever waste what you can re-use

T ogether we will be green

E ach and every one of us can compost

A ct now

M ake the world a better place

Eco News!

Children from Goldstone school have been asked to make a contribution to a heads' conference in Brighton and Hove taking place in March 2021. They have been filmed talking about what their vision is for a sustainable/ eco school of the future. 


Year 6 clear up the pond!

Here are some pictures of Year 6 children helping to pull up a felled tree from the pond area. We're tidying up the space so it can be used by everyone in the school as one of our eco objectives in the garden. The tadpoles seemed non-plussed by the excitement, but we are sure that the FrOGS, who help fund our wonderful school gardener Ruth, will be hopping about with excitement! A special mention also goes to Ruth's Dad Simon, who as a volunteer, has donated hours of his time and expertise to the garden with Ruth this term - it's fantastic to have you on board Simon!

May 2021

Litter Picking Made Fun!

The eco committee have been doing regular litter picks around the school grounds. They have made an inventory of the litter they found in one lunchtime and created an owl out of litter to raise children's awareness of how much litter is dropped!

Who drops Litter? A Twit-Twoo!

June 2021

Why do we need to save the world?

The eco committee have been working hard to think up ways to inspire children to think carefully about how to look after the school environment. They have made a film that is being shown on Goldstone TV all around the school.

March 2021

Our eco committee are up and running again in a covid safe way. This year year groups are taking it in turns so they can remain in their bubbles. At the moment it is the turn of the year 6s. They are busy making videos about litter in the school and planning for a remote climate change protest. They also participated in the online youth climate summit. More news on this soon!


Goldstone teachers Mrs Harris and Miss Lewis contributed to an online webinar about outdoor learning attended by 65 teachers. They made presentations about the work we do outdoors at Goldstone Primary School. Here's a link:


Feedback from teachers included comments such as:

Hearing the fantastic things that are going on in different schools’ – LOTS of responses similar to this

Hearing the teachers sharing their lesson ideas.’

‘Examples of others sharing good practice and linking to the curriculum – very inspiring’

‘Hearing about The Lost Words Project’

‘The confidence in the air that there is a different way of doing things’.


The eco committee have been thinking up ways to make our grounds more bio-diverse. They have done a survey of plants and animals in our wildlife area and are researching into ways we can make the area more useable for learners and wildlife.

Eco Comittee
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