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Current Covid Updates

OCT 2021
We have now returned to pre-Covid start and finish times. 

Return to School - September 2021

If you need to report a positive case of Covid for your child outside of school hours please call 07572 895881

Staggered start and end times will re-commence on the 6th September to minimise the mixing of Year Group bubbles and grown-ups at the school gates, with the same timetable that was proposed for the delayed January return, as follows (also available as a PDF in Letters/Whole School letters if you would like to print it off for the fridge):

Year Group


School Entrance















Usual Gate

Exit-large double gates

YRR classroom doors





Arrive: Middle Gate

Exit-large double gates

Door in nursery





Middle Gate

Infant hall door





Top Path

JNR Entrance





Upper Car Park

Main Office Entrance





Lower car Park

JNR hall fire door





Middle Gate

KS1 Entrance




Remote Learning


Obviously, there are differences when teaching a three-year-old in Little Owls Nursery and teaching an eleven-year-old in year six.

Each year group is employing slightly different methods to meet the needs of their children and the curriculum they are delivering at each point. They are, however, working along general guidance which we have established as a school, working within Government guidance.

How much remote learning is happening each day?

The average amount of learning across the school is between 4 to 6 hours. This is not all delivered via video and zooms but is via these and other means such as our virtual learning platform, DB Primary.  Teachers also utilise; YouTube, The Oak Academy, BBC bitesize, White Rose, My Maths, Maths stars, Reading Planet-Rising Stars, Sir Linkalot Spelling, Joe Wicks, Cosmic Kids Yoga, Letters and Sounds, Phonicsplay, Boogiemites (although not all year groups will be using all of these).

We are encouraging our children to try as much as they can but we realise that there will be limits on what some children can do at home. These limitations can be governed by; IT access, language barriers, parents’ time constraints, space at home, sibling demands and a host of other factors. We appreciate that there are other considerations such as stability at home and the mental health and wellbeing of the entire family. We also want children to maintain a love of learning and not become resentful of education.

Each year group will have access to live ‘zoom’ sessions each day, two sessions at least in the Juniors and at least one session in Key Stage One and Early Years, there will be times when there are more. In addition to these sessions, there will be video content via the platforms outlined above.

Mr Hurley our superfit sports coach is doing daily PE lessons.

We have whole school themed weeks and children can take part in special events and competitions.

There are weekly KS1 and KS2 assemblies.

Each year group is supplying families with a suggested timetable each week and year group leaders are contacting all children in their year group each week.

What curriculum content is being covered?

The aim is to cover the same curriculum content remotely as would be happening in non-covid times. Expectations remain high, although we accept that this will be difficult and we know that we shall need to help some children catch-up when they return to school.

Some year groups have slightly adjusted their curriculum to make those things which will be easier to deliver remotely happen now.

New knowledge and skills are being taught to the children.


Are the children handing work in?

Yes, children send in their work via DB Primary or some other electronic means. The children receive feedback for their work. The teachers are spending a great deal of time corresponding with children via DB Primary and email.


What about children who cannot access work via IT?

We have supplied many families with devices to enable them to get online. Those families who still cannot get online are provided with packs of paper copies of work. These are delivered by school staff.

Do we track which children are accessing learning? What if they are not?

The systems we use allow us to track which children are accessing work online. In addition to this, we are receiving physical work from children.   We are also contacting all children by telephone. Children who are vulnerable and not coming into school are receiving more regular calls. Anyone who we feel is not engaging with remote learning is contacted and offered additional support. We are using the excellent Ethnic Minority Achievement Service to contact families for who English is an additional language.


We have received many very complimentary messages about the remote learning provision we are giving our school community but we are constantly reviewing that which we provide and trying to improve it.


Covid Risk Assessment

Please find details of Goldstone Primary School's Covid Risk Assessment here. 

Common Questions:

We have frequently been asked to comment on and/or provide information to other pupils familes on the health of other pupils and their familes.

We are unable to make public any information divulged to us in private, as this would not only be a breach of trust but also a breach of GDPR regulations.

In the event that a childs family member tests positive for Covid-19, that child will need to self-isolate as per the NHS guidelines but that would not mean that the childs 'bubble' would need to self-isolate unless advised to do so by a government body such as Test and Trace, or Public Health England. 

Government Information

Government Advice on Self Isolation and when to take a test for Covid-19

A lot of parents/carers are concerned about whether their child should stay off school and/or take a test for Covid-19 when they are feeling unwell. Whilst we are always keen to help parents where we can, the only advice that we are able to give is that which is available to everyone from the NHS website. The school does not have a separate policy and parents will need to make their own decision on whether to self-isolate and take a test. The link to the full NHS advice page is below, but the basic premise is as follows:

When to self-isolate

You must self-isolate immediately if:

  • you have any symptoms of coronavirus (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste)
  • you've tested positive for coronavirus – this means you have coronavirus
  • you live with someone who has symptoms or tested positive
  • someone in your support bubble has symptoms or tested positive
  • you're told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace

Please bear in mind that there are lots of seasonal illness' going around at this time of year including sore throats, 'sniffles' and tummy bugs, so as parents we just ask that you make a measured decision about whether to keep your child off school and make sure that you call or email the school by 9 am if your child is not attending school that day, with the reason for absence. 



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