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The Breakfast Club (BC)

The Breakfast Club was set up by the school to enable busy working parents to drop their children off into a safe, caring and fun environment before school starts and to give them somewhere that they know their children will be safe after school.

How it works

The scheme is open to Goldstone pupils. You can book your child(ren) in and drop them off at 8 a.m. every weekday morning at the infant hall.. We also run a session from 7.45am which needs to be booked by midnight the night before.  The children will be cared for until school starts. Included in the price is a healthy breakfast.

How much does it cost?

The price is £2.50 per day for the 8am session.

The price is £3.00 per day for the 7.45am session.

After School Club (ASC)

Run by many of the same staff as run the Breakfast Club, our After School Club is very popular and looks after children from right across the school. Only Goldstone children attend our club, which has a varied package of activities.

Bookings are made via Magicbooking (see the link below)

How it works

Please advise your child before school if they will be attending ASC that day. At lunchtime the children are then reminded by their class teacher if they have been booked in to the ASC. At the end of the day the children are sent or in the case of younger children, taken to the infant hall for the club. They are fed a healthy snack and participate in a wide range of activities.

How much does it cost?

The price of the ASC is £6.50 if the children stay until up to 5pm or before and £8.50 if they are booked in up to 6pm. (If children are collected before 5pm and are booked in until 6pm you will still be charged the full rate.) 

If you book your child in for a 5pm collection, but collect them after 5pm, you will be charged £9.00 for the session. 

We cannot accept children who have not been booked in.  Children without a booking will need to wait at the After School Club desk until we can contact you to collect them.

If you are late to collect your child and they are sent to ASC, you will have 15mins grace, after which time you will be charged the full rate of £6.50 (if you collect within the hour).

If your child is also attending a PAID club on the same day, we will apply a £2.00 discount to your account if you let us know.

How to book:

Log on to Magicbooking and book and pay for the sessions you require. 

Early Breakfast Club must be booked or cancelled by midnight the night before.

Regular Breakfast Club can be booked any time before the start of the session.

After School Club must be booked by midday on the day of the session and cancelled by 11am on the day.

Magicbooking Breakfast & After School Club Bookings Link:

To access the Magicbooking Breakfast and After School Club system click on the following link. If you have not yet logged in to Magicbooking your email address will be the primary one registered with the school.  Hit the password reset button and follow the instructions. (Please note that Magicbooking is a different system to ParentPay).


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